Lorenzo Publishes book about his own view of art and why he paints


Art Between the Unfathomable and the Elusive 

l’arte tra l’insondablile e l’elusivo

by Lorenzo Luciani
A dual language book - English / Italian



This short essay tries to treat the theme of art according to a personal vision of mine. My intention is not to elaborate a philosophy of it, let alone a history of it, but to articulate some reflections in the light of a life experience that aspires to awareness. These reflections have also been suggested by various readings that have helped me formulate an understanding of art, particularly painting, with which I attempt to define my personal relationship with the world. In art I see the tangible imagination of those who view life as a backward journey (accontonarréte) where the present is often displeasing and the future is supported only by a desired hope. I see it also as the seemingly futile gesture of a necessary illusion that seeks to impose unity and measure on the perception of a reality that, in its many aspects, appears fragmented and protean. Above all, I view art as man's confrontation with a deriding determinism.

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